Arp ile Her Telden! – In Tune with the Harp!

“In Tune with the Harp!” is a project launched by the Turkish Association for the Art of the Harp in 2010 to celebrate the memory of harpist, Ceren Necipoglu, who passed away in a plane crash in June 2009.

Master harp performers from various world cultures are preparing to meet with new audiences in Istanbul thanks to the support of the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency. Over the course of the year, this memorial project will present distinct kinds of harp music that exist within various cultures by hosting fifteen concerts, ten masterclasses, the world premieres of two new musical projects, two commissions of new music and arrangements for the harp. In addition to benefiting the cause of the harp and celerating the memory of a master harpist, the wide scope of activities will bring to life newly commissioned pieces and new albums making Istanbul into 2010’s capital of the art of the harp worldwide.

From March to November 2010, In Tune with the Harp! will present world-renowned harpists in both concert and masterclass, such as Catriona McKay, Lavinia Meijer, Gwyneth Wentink, Rüdiger Oppermann, Mieko Inoue and Naoko Yoshino. Yoshino, one of the most outstanding harpists in the international platform today, has performed in solo engagements with the world’s top orchestras including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Zurich’s Tonhalle Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Concentus Musicus Wien and the NHK Symphony Orchestra.

In addition, the 1st International Istanbul Harp Meeting is being held over the course of a week from December 1st – 7th and will feature some of the biggest names across the spectrum of harp styles such as Arianna Savall, Isabelle Moretti, Maire Ni Chatasaigh, Hélène Breschand and Andrew Lawrence-King.

The concerts, in which outstanding examples of Irish Celtic harp tradition, the French harp school, early Catalan music, baroque harp, electronic music and advanced improvisational traditions will be heard, takes place both in the city center and peripheral districts of Istanbul including Bogaziçi University Albert Long Hall, Çiragan Palace, Notre Dame de Sion High School Performing Arts Hall and Borusan Music House. In some of these concerts, a young Turkish harpist will accompany the guest harpist. Also, in some concerts, the masters of traditional Turkish music instruments will accompany the guest harpists.

In Tune with the Harp! will also showcase rising stars of the harp in Turkey – Ece G. Yavas, Elif Güngör, Emel Çelik, Sebla Akbulut and Senem Çine – the majority of which who have received awards of their own at international competitions. Another Turkish harpist who has had international success, Meriç Dönük, will be the first harpist in Turkey to give a jazz harp concert with her own band.

Sirin Pancaroglu takes a place in the colorful spectrum of In Tune with the Harp! with “Cafe Tango” and “Resonating Universes”. “Cafe Tango” is a collaboration between Turkish and Argentine musicians, distinguishing itself as the world premiere of a multifaceted tango project with the creation of a tango orchestra in Istanbul, brand new arrangements, re-interpretation of old Turkish tangos and a dance performance. Electronic music composer Erdem Helvacioglu collaborates with Pancaroglu in a new musical composition titled “Alem-i Aks-i Seda” (“Resonating Universes”) which has been written to take advantage of the unparalled sound potential of the harp and emphasizing and sustain the presence of Turkey on the international musical stage.

Another commissioned composition, under the title “Istanbul and the Harp”, will be produced by six Turkish composers, namely Turgay Erdener, Hasan Uçarsu, Özkan Manav, Bar›fl Perker, Mahir Çetiz and Arda Agoflyan.

Finally, in conjunction with the educational mission of the Association for the Art of the Harp, each of the invited musicians will teach workshops to target the upcoming generation of harpists in Turkey by sharing their knowledge and experience with local professional harp masters and young, amateur harpists and musicians.

Tickets for the concerts are available on Biletix, except for the Ni Chathasaigh concert.